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about us


  • We aim to transform underperforming regions into high-return investments.
  • We undertake various procedures in establishing the most appropriate locations for expansion
  • We modernise deteriorating buildings into high-quality developments which help the area prosper

Capitalising on the exponential demand for residentials, commercials and Hotels, we at Ilford Properties Ltd have cultivated a determined strategy to acquire, develop, improve and manage an extensive portfolio in Ilford. We provide exceptional quality in our properties so that our occupiers are always pleased with our services.

Ilford is a prominent region with many new advancements. The promising region is undergoing a revolutionary change with the latest Crossrail interchange. This transport infrastructure features the latest technology of the modern era, designed to be optimally functional with a purpose to maximise productivity. Travelling to London will be instantaneous. Initiatives invested by the local borough have helped fulfil this with £5 million.

With these changes in mind, our team at Ilford Properties ltd has focused on accompanying this growth via aesthetic and amenity enhancements of our developments in the region. We strive to create meaningful social impacts by transforming outdated worn-out properties that are in dire need for modernisation. Our Hotels are designed by leading architects with a vision to cultivate the region. With the growth of our Hotel operations in Ilford, the safety of the local area is further improved. Our infrastructure wholly benefits the community, given the 24/7 CCTV cameras as well as our vigilant security.

We believe a product must have a soul to communicate